winter anew

a change has come, and it’s not obama.flakes of snow, a rare occurence in the northwestern lowlands, have begun to accumulate in the city of seattle.  along with them come the advent of aesthetics, emotions, and weather patterns.up here, winter looks bleak; gray are the moods and skies.  the dropping temperatures finally fade the last of summer’s tans.  winter brings impending threats of the earliest sunsets, shrinking the evening minutes of light to a minimum.  after the leaves reach their rightful places on the streets only to be repeatedly stomped by passers-by, the city quickly hires machines to rid roads of these organic pieces of nature.

can you see it, though?  yes, the snow ruins our usual winter.  but it ruins it to purify the very description seattle holds onto. this desolate outlook, this pessimistic connotation, these gloomy nights; all is reversed by beautiful snow.  out windows where leafless trees once sat barrenly lining campus, we find these same twigs becoming footholds for millions of snowflakes.  one by one, inch by inch, the army of white grows and absolute conquers every surface of earth.  desaturated landscapes of dirty ground and faded foliage are made alive with the brilliance of all colors. it is rare when the physical addition of a substance to a surface actually cleanses its appearance without extra work.  snow has this gift.  lightness comes to a dark world, and we thank gravity.

before reviling the driving conditions and yet still hopping in your vehicle, take a look at the beauty that occurs without an ounce of our own effort.  tomorrow more ice will fall slowly from the sky in light, thin sheets.  it says something about the creative God above us.  he came to our world to put darkness to death, and by being optimistic rather than doubtful toward him, you will be cleansed too.  he will continue what he started.

like gravity, our God’s origin or essence cannot be perfectly explained.  and like gravity, we know he is there, a constant force in our modern world just as he has always been.  it is not just gravity to thank for this snow though; this we can thank God for, because he makes himself known to us all the time in the world he created.


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