“onward,” he said.  get back on the tracks.  spin your wheels before landing, because we’re ready.  are you ready?  here comes another system, a collaboration among many heads and the ineffible patterns of thought flying invisibly through classrooms.  we are here again, learning from those who are educationally established.  does this make them good?

there are so many questions still unanswered.  stop living alone, look at all these people!  sit.  meet.  discuss.  enhance!  there is much to be done here; are you doing anything here?  the work is done within humans.  outside of that, our efforts fall short of meaning and value.

are you learning?  do you care?  wake up, oh sleeper!  and begin something that has yet to begin.  talk with those with whom you’ve never spoken.  eat with those who hate your favorite food.  become something unfamiliar and uncomfortable for many to experience glory and grace.

behind you, i see a wake churning.  strengthen your stern, plant your feet heavily and drive with confidence and speed.  you’re almost halfway through and much has been done in you, but not in them.  “onward!”


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