fedoras & cigarettes

i thought today of the way trends are set, the thought processes that connect not only people together but us to ourselves.  we tell ourselves something and another part of us says, “hey, cool idea man.”  “thanks,” he responds.  the brain is a complex machine indeed.  granted, there aren’t that many ideas that are truly original, and i will never credit myself for thinking something that someone else somewhere has never thought up before.  a lot of somes.  was that unique?  not really.

back to trends: there are some in existence today, there are some way out of touch and out of tune, there are some that have yet to be circulated, and most interestingly—there are some in places that other regions would “never” accept.  now that’s an interesting thought.  isn’t the most adjacent culture so far different from us?  astounding, i think, how trends—ranging from clothing to political campaigns—can differ so greatly even within the same country.  of course the south is not going to elect obama; of course seattle is.  sure, people are always going to have differing opinions, but how close can we truly say that other regions of this nation are to us?  not very.  although i acknowledge his physical distance from me, i feel little in common with a sophomore at the university of georgia.  the culture truly separates.  having lived in a place, we take on many of its norms; it is strange to think i actually would have different desires and hobbies if i only lived in a different location.

now shrink this concept to your own city, your own school, your own house.  we follow groups who follow the past or ideas, or we run from just that.  remember the emo era?  they wanted so badly to be unclassified that they split and formed their own trend.  what goes around comes around, and this includes trends.  we all want the latest thing to hold on to.  i want an idea that i can be comfortable with.  i want to hold on tight so it works for now, knowing it will change eventually—another idea will arise, another trend presented.  yes, i do it too.  we all do.

perhaps it is morality that connects us all.  we know there is a right and a wrong in this universe; doesn’t there have to be?  how is it that, even when language barriers disengage individuals, pupils and perspiration show signs of lying?  there is a soul in every one of us that cannot be described or mathematically proved.  physical signs may show emotion, but the opposite is not true.  follow what you love, but if you choose one fad, make it the truth and what is good, pure, and holy—this one never goes away.

the woman that just sat down next to me smells of smoke.  now you know where i got this title.


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