4pril fo01s

i’m so not clever.

it has been reminded to me recently how beautiful this place really is.  you don’t get trees like the northwest all over the place, you know.  there aren’t buildings of this stature, design, and modernity across the united states.  there isn’t enough moisture to go around and keep everything green year-round in other places.  most places get too cold in the winter and others too hot in the summer.  things are dry or their freeze and die.  the northwest is entirely unique, moderate, and filled with blessings of beauty.

i continually feel unworthy of even attending this university.  going from being top 5% of high school academia to absolute collegiate mediocrity is a humbling thing, and i pray that it does not overpower me.  praise God for opportunities, the financial support of my parents, and the distinct sequence of events that has led me here.

what i do not take the time to do often enough is repent.  i am a selfish beast, and i look over the well-being and desires of others.  i want to achieve and succeed, and i get in my own way of being any good to other people.  the man Jesus Christ came, regardless of the whole world’s folly and pride, and he spoke and thought nothing of himself.  his only mission was to speak the truth in personal community, teaching, and authority–telling all people he is truly God and has fulfilled what was prophesied to occur.  my sin and your sin were enough to put him to death because we disbelieved and denied him.  he willingly died a painful death nailed to a cross of wood FOR us, in order to take the wrath we deserve for sin upon himself.  how do we forget this?  i disbelieve and deny him all the time–why else do i sin?  if i believed at all moments that God was greater and a better answer for anything i was doing, i would not do wrong.  so today, as i sit in the architecture building, i am reminded that God authors and perfects our faith, and there is nothing within myself that could create something more glorious than he.  it is time to follow Colossians 3 and “set [my mind] on things that are above, not on things that are on earth” and “put to death therefore what is earthly in [me].”

sorry for being so serious.  this isn’t worth fooling about.


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