The Exception

I was reminded of a song today when hearing the Hebrew word “Selah,” a word that appears frequently in the Psalms.  It seems to reference the more poetic songs accompanied by music and is some sort of phrase ending similar to the word “Amen.”

The word itself is the title of a song by a band that came through on tour and played with my band in Colorado.  We were just starting out at the time, and there was a local coffee shop similar to Queen Anne’s Q Cafe called Everyday Joe’s that we were set to play on a summer Friday night.  It turns out the group coming through was on a small self-promoted tour through the midwest and made a stop in Fort Collins, CO. At the time we were 16 and they were about 18, and we thought they were some hillbilly crew of guys, sporting tucked-in shirts and a couple sets of cowboy boots. Later, upon witnessing a distinct big sound and an unparalleled connection to the smallest of “crowds,” we realized that we were the posers and they indeed lived up to their name, The Exception.

This is the song “Selah” from the only full-length album they produced, and we are happy to say we have a copy and got to know the guys who shaped our opinion and meaning of music as an art form and emotional and metaphoric vehicle from then onward.


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