Insights and Laughs from Dave Ramsey’s live show in Portland

“Did you know broke people can’t help poor people?”

“You’re gonna leave here and go, ‘I already knew all that and I paid him.’”

“There are no good men but Jesus and your daddy.”

“I guess we call them ‘old time values’ because new people don’t seem to have them.”

67% of Christmas shoppers buy themselves a gift at the same time!

“No matter what, I no longer borrow money.”

Dave received much grief for his conservative, long-term approach to investing before the recession hit.  When things went downhill, some of those people now consider him a genius.  ”When the tide goes out, you can tell who was skinny-dipping.”

“You can’t afford it if you didn’t pay for it!”

“We live in a culture where people have forgotten how to focus.”

“If you read through Proverbs enough, you get a Masters degree in Finance.”

“[My kids] are not on allowance; they’re on commission, because ‘allowance’ sounds like ‘welfare’ to me.”

“Bathing and handling your own money: these are two things you should do yourself.”

Some people came to the event thinking, ‘Dave’s going to put us on a budget!’
“No I’m not. You’re going to put you on a budget; I’m going home.”


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