Good quotes from professor Nigel in Finance day one:

I can already tell I’m going to enjoy this class.  Not only is the content interesting, but so is the commentary.  A Singapore-raised Ph.D. student has funny insight and eloquent words, not to mention a sense of enthusiasm that livens an 8:30 class.  Here are the lines that I jotted down just on day one.  I have intentionally removed them from their context in order to increase the humor.  And yes, of course I actually was paying attention to class content as well.

  • “I was born and raised in Singapore, which is why I sound like a textbook.”
  • “In spite of being raised Catholic, I do not like suffering.”
  • “We receive money once a fortnight, or perhaps once a month.”
  • “After the class, you can talk about love, but in this class there is no love.”
  • “You see how it works in Asia?  That’s why I put the diameter of the earth between me and my parents.”
  • “The closest thing between me and [football] is resembling the geometry of the ball.”
  • “‘Do you want to buy?’  ’Yes. Do you want to sell?’  ’Yes.’  ’Oh, well, we should get together and do that sometime.’”


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