Why do I use Twitter?

Since moving to Seattle, it has been evident that technology exists more universally here than other places I’ve been and lived.  I noticed right away the heavy emphasis on inputting and receiving information online at the University of Washington; every teacher expects that you have a computer and posts just about all class materials to websites, sometimes including surveys, homework, and even exams.
Other technologies that people use more abundantly here are social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter, which are recently exploding in the business realm as well. In this environment, it is easy to ignore the reality of speaking and meeting with live people and present yourself merely online (and often these two “identities” have significant disparity) through profiles and pieces of information in cyberspace.
Now, nearly everyone has Facebook these days for its ability to connect conveniently with others, but many are either ignorant of or indignant toward Twitter.  Whereas most people discount the service with statements such as “I don’t care that you’re going to the bathroom right now” or “Who needs to know everything you’re doing?”, Twitter has incredible abilities to be able to receive information very quickly, and I wanted to come up with a quick list of reasons why I use Twitter, explain its benefit to my life, and perhaps dispel any unnecessary stereotypes.  


  • I am able to engage with a part of culture that I otherwise could not.
  • I can encourage other people with God’s words, Bible passages, or experiences from my life.
  • I can conveniently update multiple things on Twitter to eliminate wasting time browsing.
  • I can have multiple short updates come to me in a single column.
  • I can quickly learn about others’ lives.
  • I can rapidly discover new blog posts, articles, and sermons from pastors everywhere.
  • I can save money by finding coupons, discounts, and promotions for restaurants and businesses.
  • I can send information to multiple people at the same time, and only those who care will see it.
  • I have another potential avenue to redeem for God’s purposes.

Let me hear from you:

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