Thief of Glory

It is a crisp summer morning out on the porch. The clarity of God bounces among the chilled gray air, the steady chirping birds, the faint hint of car engines, and the light click of bicycle chains moving people to and fro as they pass by.

We lust for places like this, for mornings like these. Much of the world would strive with great labor and energy to achieve an experience like this! And who am I, God, to lust after pleasures of the body, as if your graces are insufficient today? Shame on me, and what wrath I deserve, to exchange the greatest wisdom for my most high satisfaction, thinking I can find better on my own. I am a thief of glory I should not possess.

Lord, strip back whatever is yours! It must be on your power that I deny myself. Even the acts of faith, change, and repentance are not solely up to us, for nobody whose actions are continually against you decides to change. So Holy Spirit, fire a flame in me that burns the passions of sin and makes alive in me the grace and glory of God! I want to know you and I want to hear from you always, and I am a fool not to open your book in all times of need, to feed on the life you provide right on my shelf.
It’s a beautiful picture of grace that you would forgive even me, having so distorted my view of your creation, abusing passions and desires that should only be directed at you. God, at my very roots, may I see your surpassing glory so clearly that my heart trains my impulses for idolatry to subside in the name of Jesus!
He did have the power to resist sin and then ultimately defeat it, and this same power, sent by God the Father, exists now in me. Let me then not focus on the negative of resisting something or quitting sin, but instead the positive of delighting in the God of infinite glory, wonder, and value!
Father, you know my deepest sins and when I fall off the Way; all solutions are the same–taking part in our daily bread by reading and knowing your revealed words, the ones that give life. By these we know Jesus is the only way to heaven and the means through which we are offered salvation and repentance. What gifts, oh God! Forgive me, and draw me close to your love.

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