Grace at the bank

Today I witnessed a small picture of grace right at work.  It was small, seemingly insignificant, and relatively effortless, but the action stood out amidst a flurry of individuals coming in to perform very personal, self-specific tasks.

The scene was this: there was a middle-aged woman, maybe in her early 50s, who had just finished at the window next to mine and was slowly making her way to the door.  Just following her was what seemed to be a homeless man, who had no bank account but held a Canadian $5 bill and was looking for a cash exchange.  After one of my coworkers explained that the non-customer fee alone would deny the plausibility of the transaction, the woman overheard and walked back over, saying “I have an account. Can I just do it for him?”

She was on her way out.  She did not know the man.  It took two minutes from her day to step over, offer her superior status and standing, and use these privileges to perform the trade he could not and allow a stranger with little hope to be paid the $4.82 his bill was worth.  

She didn’t need to do it.  The act was one of undeserved favor, the same grace God gives us every day.  We deny him and he loves; we come disqualified and he grants us access to himself and to his glory.  Like the man, we are in a state of hopelessness, and only by acceptance and favor are we able to be brought into the glorious realm we don’t deserve to live in.

Praise God for this woman and her love to this man.  Praise God for showing me this picture.  And Praise God for being the ultimate giver of grace, offering salvation and glorification to sinners who only shame his name.


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