Music recommendation of the week: Symmetry/Symmetry


I have seen this band three times now, and I’m more and more impressed with every new song and performance.

Originally introduced by Brier Rose, these are some young dudes that are truly pushing limits musically, both in style and emotion.  If they want it dark, it is dark; strong, strong;  and melodic, tranquil.  The piano can be both a tragic downturn or a forward-pressing encouragement.  Symmetry/Symmetry is a breath of fresh air in independent music because it is bold and new.  I recently saw them in Fremont and thought it necessary to comment on their new self-produced record, Have Cake.

The album has a healthy mix of electronic and acoustic sounds, and the band is unafraid to dive into lyrical topics like the weighty dark side of marriage or the pride of selfish businessmen who are drowning in money at the expense of their soul.  Nor are they beside turning traditional rock beats on their head.  There’s a song in 5, I’m sure there’s something in seven, and another that starts slowly in 3 and transitions to a driving 4 with measures of 2 thrown in each phrase to keep you just slightly uncomfortable.  And I cannot end without mentioning the vocals—although I’m not even a novice when it comes to theory, the melodies and sounds of these singers are eerie, slightly sporadic, twisting and turning where you might not expect them.  “Ambitious” is a word that keeps coming back to me when describing the music these guys are capable of making.  I do not hesitate to compare them to Radiohead and others, although the narrowing of genre and style should be fervently withheld before listening. 


It sounds like they should be back in Seattle later in the Fall, so accompany me to a show if you like the music!



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