This morning I pray:


     What would it look like to truly deny myself and live radically for your glory?  I am constantly in this tension, thinking that I am a selfish, arrogant fool not doing enough with your purposes in mind.  I find many of these ideas valid, not first because I fear man or first think inward or first worry what others think of my status–no, at the root of it all is my lack of saturation in your word and not beginning each day in utter gratitude of salvation.  It is then that I could proclaim the only confidence that doesn't point back to myself–the confidence offered by Christ's victorious death as the substitutionary payment for sin.
     How much might you do through me, God, if I did not mute your voice, if I only lived as if the gospel were really true and nothing else in this world could match its importance?  How great a truth is it that the Gospel is not ultimately for our sake?  As if we need any other reasons to give ourselves praise in this generation!  We get to fully experience its implications, and we are certainly loved greatly through it, but it is still, at its end, a proclamation of the glory and goodness of God, so that what is indeed the most glorious in the universe is being upheld.  God did not need us nor did he need to go about things this way, but he promised to do so for the glorious King to be known, for love to be manifest clearly, and for the name of Jesus to be name raised most high–for the good of all creation.

Praise be to this God: Jesus Christ alone who overcame death to share eternal life with undeserving sinners like me justified by grace through faith.  May I live only to the glory of this God, whose name demands it.


Let me hear from you:

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