Bro-meal #1


Benjamin is somewhat of a slow-cooked meal connoisseur, and he prepared a beef brisket in the Crockpot this morning. I am not very informed; all I know is it was seasoned with spices and battered in onions and beer all day, which made for a finished product of melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Combine this with a spinach/parmesan/balsamic salad and french wheat bread and butter, and we had a delicious combination and a full meal.

This will not be the end of high quality food in this house, nor will we be privy to our culinary concoctions. Because sometimes in college we need to experience something that is not just average; sometimes in our pursuit of excellence we need to remember there are greater experiences to be had, and to taste them now is not to frustrate and tempt ourselves as the flavors wear off but to remind us that joys and desires continue to point to something outside of ourselves as ultimate pleasure.

Food for thought.


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