Finance prof Bill Bradford is worth quoting once a week: [pt.1]

  • “Now I came down here yesterday to practice… the first day, I wanted to be tight and smooth!”
  • “This is modern technology! When I was learning we still had rotors on telephones… now you’re wondering if you can have the textbook on your laptop for the exam–damn!”
  • “Yes, my ex-wife is a lawyer.  I have to just say that.”
  • “…Nice guy; fat guy… happy though, he was happy–that’s the key.  But he was big!  But happy..”
  • “That was circular… but I think the circle was good.”
  • “My current wife is an accountant, so accountants are OK.”
  • “This color blue, it’s nice, I like it for this class–not too overwhelming, but comfortable.”
  • “I bought her that doll; it was one of those that had everything.  And she was excited… for three days.”
  • “I taught this case to some executives in Indonesia, and they always want to add it.  I don’t know what it was they couldn’t get about sunk cost.  I don’t know what it is about Indonesia…”
  • Saturday night, I drank a glass of wine.  I thought about the meaning of life–I said, ‘what are we here to do?’  …then I sat down, and I wrote the exam.”

Bradford is the man.  So much of class can be filled with financial theory and good analysis on firm cases and decision-making, but once in a while his personality comes through.  I find the guy extremely entertaining and funny.  These quotes are intentionally removed from context for added humor, but if they don’t make sense, let me know.  I’ll be back next week with another list.

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