Bradford quotes [pt.2]

·         “My wife is an accountant… she’s a senior accountant at the IRS; she’s been out there auditing small businesses—taking money, see.”

·         “…a marketing person—that makes sense.  We would need to give them something to do.”

·         “Who’s been to Indianapolis?  Come on, nobody? Look—you haven’t missed a thing… they actually had more corn than Nebraska.”

·         “I’m gonna hand out this handout.”

·         “I will be e-mailing to you, to reinforce this, everything I just said within the last minute.”

·         “Everybody has to be somewhere—so what if they’re in Indiana?”

·         “Say it was an average Joe walking down street—he doesn’t get it; say he was a marketing major.”

·         “I learned two things from that investment: 1) Never do an investment with my brother again… we lost money. My brother did not know what he was doing.”


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