Worshiping Jesus as a drummer

Sundays are unique for the staff, band, and volunteers at Mars Hill
. While most people come to gather as the church, fellowship
together, and sabbath with a service, the aforementioned groups
worship on Sundays a little differently–by faithfully serving.

Neither is less of a worship act; rather, both are different callings
for people with convictions relative to their position and season in
life. As a band, we get to enjoy serving the church so that more
people might know God and experience life change from Jesus who is the
only mediator to God on behalf of our sinful selves, and the only way
to salvation and right-standing with the almighty, righteous Father.
We serve to this end, not our own, and the creativity and quality of
our music comes from hearts changed by Christ who desperately wants
people to know his excellence by proclaiming truths through songs that
engage the hearts of the congregation.

More personally, playing drums for hundreds with the goal of Jesus’
fame has been both a blessing and a challenge. I get to take part in
musical expression, one of my great joys, and this helps me worship in
the act. I get to use gifts–although my talents are less than
virtuosic–to provide an experience that draws the heart toward a
knowledge and love for (and from) God. Likewise, though, it is easy to
make the whole thing into a desire for our band to be great for no
other reason than that. Our glory-hungry hearts are prone to make the
songs as creative and praise-worthy as possible so that people might
think well of our stuff and still receive it in Christian churches.
This surely is sin, for we play not for a emotional response to music
alone–we see this enough in venues across town; instead, we wish to
humble ourselves so God’s truth and glory would shine through the
means of songs. Good music is capable of this, but our desire must
never have ourselves at its end.

I have learned it is a dangerous place to not be utterly humbled by a
calling to lead a congregation in the worship of our great God through
music. I pray that I would always have this attitude prior to walking
out on stage and that any church’s music would be a help, not a
hindrance, to the worship of Jesus Christ as Lord.


2 responses to “Worshiping Jesus as a drummer

  1. This is great man, I’ve been looking for something about this for a long time having been a full on volunteer as long as I can remember. I’m also praying for that attitude while serving! Thanks

  2. Much of this comes from the Bob Kauflin event last night at Mars Hill Downtown and our ensuing conversation afterward among the band. Just trying to pass along some things I learned and have been thinking about.

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