prayer this week: defined by Jesus, not reputation

Father God,

Release me from the distractions that are clouding my mind! May I just trust you and forget what man, society, or family might think? Freedom and hope come from you, not trying to please everyone. We are bound to disagree, and not everyone will be pleased; I will waste energy trying to maintain a status that is surely going to fail someone. The only firm foundation is to be submissive to you and follow where you lead. Teach me your ways–to love, care, be patient and willing to train, see my failure, to understand my wrong!  Correct me and guide me toward yourself. 
Before all else, might I know that I stand right before you because of what Christ Jesus has done, making me, an unrighteous sinner, look right in the eyes of God Almighty. In no other fashion is this possible. You and your Spirit have done a great work, and I have received this same Spirit to guide my life!
Father, would you orchestrate all you can to teach me to listen? I want to trust and fear you as the beginning of wisdom. 
My identity is secured in you and who you have made me–an adopted son; the pressure of the world should have no bearing on my well-being or satisfaction. Release me from the fear of man and may you be the beginning and end of my joy and new life. I want to love radically like you, and this will require stress, discomfort, and attack from my surroundings. May I stand OK with this and put on the armor of Christ, ready to give an account of the gospel I’ve received.

Praise be to you who commands creation and whom nobody can search out.
The earth is subject to you… my life is yours to do as you will, O Lord.


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