Vitaly quotes [Pt. I]

I’ve got another round of compiled quotes from the first half of class. This time it’s Vitaly Nishanov in my Strategic Management class, where we seem to be much more exposed to entertainment than actual knowledge during lectures; Vitaly is from Kyrgyzstan and has a thick Russian accent. Hilarious, and awesome:

  • “Capsim: it will be a nightmare, trust me.” 1/4 
  • “Some buyers are very stupid.” 1/6 
  • “It is essential to get married!” 1/6 
  • “What does it mean to be a little bit unethical? That’s like being a little bit pregnant. It is possible to be either ethical or unethical.” 1/6 
  • “The United States is moving away from free markets and more toward socialism” 1/6 
  • “All of our life, we will have deadlines, till the end of our life.” 1/11 
    [he didn’t realize the fantastic joke he was making at the end] 
  • “You can relax. Just realize that [the textbook authors] are not correct.” 1/11 
  • “All companies have crisis. Crisises? I don’t know how to make plural.” 1/11 
  • “It is very easy to move Thursday to Friday without realizing it.” 1/13 
  • “Is it possible to go without a head? Just imagine someone without a head.” 1/13 
  • “There is no special or important information here!” 1/20 
  • “It is not good for the environment to use a rotor excavator to extract something from in the land.” 1/20 
  • “After that, we will make exercise which will change your life.” 1/25 
  • “It is just for fun–it is not for fun; it will be for fun a little bit later.” 1/25 
  • “Managers are not as smart as we are, and we need to help them.” 1/25 
  • “Guys I… I have troubles.” 2/1 
  • “It is essential to be logical/rational?—no way.” 2/2 
  • (dealing with McGraw-Hill’s customer service): 
    “It was my worst experience in the United States.” 2/2

2 responses to “Vitaly quotes [Pt. I]

  1. This is hilarious!! I wish we had professors like this at my school. Sounds like quite the interesting class…

  2. While reviewing for the test I discovered this gem in my notes, “One of the best ways to make people happy is to give them drugs–they will be happy for the rest of their life!

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