Kamara Quotes [pt.I]

Class: FIN 461, Futures & Options.
Prof: another heavily-accented European, very witty.
Hopefully these make enough sense (some of them are embedded in finance jargon) without the context. He’s quite funny. Here are the quotes from the 1st half of class.

·         “This is not Catholic class, so you can always switch teams later on without letting anybody know.”
·         “If there’s a girl you like and you make a date with her to see a movie, it’s a forward contract. If she doesn’t like you very much and wants to get out of it, it becomes an option.”
·         “I noticed that [Natalie Portman] was going to the Academy Awards alone, so I contacted her, and she said ‘sure, sure!’”
·         “[Fund] managers will kill for a quarter of a percent; we don’t kill anybody—we just give them the money.”
·         “I don’t know if you know this, but UW has its own Victoria’s Secret magazine.”
·         “…the only difference is the bank borrow from you at 1% and turns and lends to others for 18%.”
·         “You cannot do #1 and #2, then #1 and #2—#3 will sue us for discrimination!”



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