Kamara quotes [pt.II]

Class: FIN 461, Futures & Options., Mr. Avi Kamara.

Quotes since the midterm through the end of the class. Finance wisdom may be necessary to understand some, but nonetheless–gonna miss the guy.

  • "On a scale of 1 to 10, options are more complicated by 11."   2/7
  • Late student: 'When are we going to begin using the second course pack?' Kamara: "Today. 5 seconds."   2/7
  • "Miller–he's half of M&M. He's the chocolate. Modigliani's the sugar coating."   2/7
  • "The people that are completely uninformed are much better off, because they know that they don't know!"   2/7
  • "There is a 50-page brochure about taxes… accountants need work."   2/9
  • "[Options] are extremely risky–if you are too wrong, you can sell your house, wife, and kids and still be paying debt."   2/9
  • "[The New York Times] always thinks that if somebody makes a lot of money, they must be guilty of something. Sometimes they're right… but not always."   2/9
  • "Love is in the air. It's also in the notes."   2/14
  • "I know it's Valentine's Day and romance is in the air, but exercise your option to delay.."   2/14
  • "The put and the stock are in love, till expiration do us part."   2/14
  • "Exercise your options to study–it pays a lot of dividends, as they say."   2/23
  • "..and remember: whatever your wife says, you do! Do you want to be correct or happy? You want to be happy."   2/23
  • "..and remember: all these homeworks are optional; you can always just lose the points."   2/27
  • "Now, today's class is actually quite boring in some ways."   2/27
  • "5 out of 4 questions are going to be on the binomial.."   2/27
  • "It's a good option–sitting on the beach in Puerto Vallarta doing binomial trees."   3/2
  • "[The Black-Scholes] is just like the binomial, except now we have a gazillion periods and every period is one second."   3/2
  • "If you don't know what 'at the money' means, you will not be able to be 'in the money' on the exam!"   3/7
  • "Goal seek. Think about it–you're trying to score a goal."   3/7
  • "It's been swinging back and forth–it's a swinger's option."   3/7
  • "I don't think this is in the notes; this is like a motivational speech."   3/9

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