April Fools!

April Fools jokes from tech companies and websites are going a little overboard–so far to where you basically take one day out of the year to avoid any sort of truth or credibility to the day’s news, press, and web content. Basically all of it is going to be a bit off, exaggerated, or downright false. That said, I find it hilarious to see what the really good ones are doing. That shareholders’ dollars go toward the hours devoted to these AFD projects is a little questionable, but their humor makes it all worth it. Arguably, there is something special about companies that have figured out how to interact with consumers on such a level that good, intelligent comedy is produced. To the Googles out there that have done a great job with this, I salute you.

Google Motion
[even more]:

Google AutoCompleter

Starbucks Mobile Pour

Playmobil Apple iStore

Hulu Homepage


The Motley Fool WikiLeaks Scandal
[these guys win the grand prize because there were not simply a few tweaks to a website. Be diligent in clicking on all the links in the first URL to discover multiple webpages, products, an e-mail request (and auto-reply), an entire Wiki page, and so on–all falsely created in honor of April Fools Day. Hats off!

Enjoy, fools.

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