Church success

We are now in a world where a major company can slowly die by missing the launch of one key product into the market. They panic to play catch-up. They didn’t see the value, but the consumers have moved on.
Innovation and creativity are taking the place of reliability and long-standing products in many industries.

Isn’t it ironic that a church’s success is actually based on maintaining the very original idea? Sure, methods can be adapted to fit the audience, but the “vision and values,” the “mission statement,” if you will, should not deviate from preaching Jesus Christ crucified for our sins [1 Cor 2:1-2]. The churches that do this and stop trying to re-invent their core beliefs will succeed.

While the Palm Pilot was created and then quickly died to smart phones only a few years later, churches preaching the same Bible of the ages are thriving. 


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