God is who He is

People are done selling. And the public is tired of being sold.

It’d be really helpful if we could just start calling things what they are, rather than adding weight, burden, and panic to buyers who are tricked into things they don’t really want. 

But I digress; can we agree that after a while, people see right through you if you falsify and elaborate your product? Your gains will be short-lived. People might see your hi-res photos, your well-designed website, and your weekly cutting-edge emails, and they might promptly buy something for the first time. But don’t expect them back as new versions come out.

When that buyer realizes that the property you laced with fine temporary furniture is surrounded by stained carpets and chipped paint, the sleek camera’s interior comes with mediocre technology, and only the first chapter of your book is even insightful, the enticing lure of their first buy is altogether depleted.

I can’t help remembering God’s words to Moses in Exodus 3 where he describes how he should be portrayed to a world that wants to know something true. God in his glory doesn’t need to elaborate or urge people of his character with extras—he just asks that they embrace something that already is.

It needs no selling, it just needs stating: “I Am who I Am.”


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