Bed Bath & Bye-Bye

Gift cards are great. Except when they’re to Bed Bath & Beyond.

Let me explain.

Anna and I registered at Bed Bath & Beyond purely because they had the best return policy–if you don’t like anything, they’ll give you cash for it. Great!

So they got us in. And aside from the over-sold registry process, chaotic store, and spotty customer service, the whole ordeal was alright and we received plenty of good kitchen gifts we needed for our home (thanks, gift-givers!).

But the thing is, I just don’t like going to Bed Bath & Beyond. I don’t want to be there. When I’m in the store, I want to leave. And this is a real problem for them.

I can’t possibly feel relaxed or assisted as a customer when every available inch of white space from floor to ceiling is filled with product. It’s chaos, it’s loud, and there’s nothing helpful about it.

After our registry items were satisfied, I don’t know what else to buy there with our gift card money. Anna was correct as she said upon our return, “they just don’t have anything that’s in style. There’s nothing they have that no one else has.” Their website, their bedding–it all seems like it’s from the 90s.

Contrast this with Target, who does well to provide solutions to people’s problems, merchandise for people’s desires. Target puts relevant products in logical places and allows you to go find them if you want to. Bed Bath & Beyond shoves a multitude of disconnected products in your face hoping you’ll buy one or two.

As the Targets of society are meeting demand, keeping in style, staying organized, and providing simple online connection, I’m guessing Bed Bath & Beyond will flop within a couple years for trying to slam too many things into one store.


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