Ideas vs. Thoughts

Ideas vs Thoughts

I want to make a distinction between ideas and thoughts.
Regardless of a dictionary’s definition, the separation of these two concepts is helpful to me for determining what to spend time on.

Ideas motivate me to have more ideas and solve problems.
Thoughts are the reason I deleted the Facebook app from my iPhone.


  • Catalyze something beyond themselves
  • Connect people, other ideas, or systems
  • Free opportunities to create
  • Accomplish tasks
  • Solve real problems


  • Vent about a subject
  • Get ignored easily
  • Stand disorganized and random
  • Dissipate quickly
  • Are just thoughts

I like good ideas, and I like things that matter.

I want to spend more time looking for content filled with ideas, not just continue to be bombarded with plain thoughts.


Let me hear from you:

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