If you build it, interested people will come

What originated as a snarky post on Facebook turned into a telling story of consumer behavior.

Anna and I stopped at Safeway to grab some cheap candy for a movie, when I saw two competing earl grey tea boxes close to each other. I thought, “this should be funny–I’ll take a photo to compare the packaging designs and people will laugh at the bad one.”

I was wrong.

Regardless of the initial intent (or even the responses, for that matter), something quickly stood out. If people are interested in a thing, and you give them a place to share their opinion about it, those people will talk.

All I did was put up a picture and asked a question: “which tea would you buy?”
Within moments, I had isolated my avid tea-drinking friends.


To marketers: how can you better gather people already interested in your thing, rather than blasting everyone and annoying most?

To others: what is stopping you from creating or finding this gathering place? People like you want to share their opinion. The connection awaits.



Let me hear from you:

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