“But That’s Not What I Meant!”

Not What I Meant

There’s probably a difference between what you meant and what people understood.

You may find yourself backtracking and explaining yourself yet again, because your tone was off or you used the wrong words or your face said otherwise.

This is why we need communicators, writers–people who can articulate themselves in an audience full of skeptics and critics.

Before you post something, send your e-mail, deliver a package, hang up the phone, or write a note, consider how you will be heard.

The question is often not “what do I mean?” but rather, “what will this mean?”

The final verdict is what is gathered by the recipient, not what you tried to convey. You can’t place meaning into something; meaning is the conclusion reached by the sum of what you did and said.

Now, wouldn’t it be better for everyone to merge your original intent with what’s received?


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