Some insight into where I’m going. Will you read along?

Where there is opportunity, there is adaptation.

Writers have more of a voice and the cheapest platform that has ever existed to put something out there. Unfortunately, the blog world, the Kindle e-book market, and published books are an ocean of words–how do we stand out?

I care far less about the fame and financial success than learning what works and who’s interested in what I say. I just want to offer ideas to get people thinking.

Everyone has an opinion. Everyone can put up pictures of their weekend and re-post news and clutter a Facebook feed of useless commentary.
Not everyone can convince you to go to that restaurant or treat people that way or accomplish something in society that matters.

This isn’t for everyone. This is for those that want to listen.

I don’t write for myself. I write for you.

Let’s keep thinking and make something happen.


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