Are You Over-Marketing?

If you’re anything like me, you get tired of the daily barrage of data flying in your face. You want to learn things and gather information but not be told when and how you will go about it. You like a good challenge and want to discover what others discover, but not just because they said so.

Dammit, you just want some peace and quiet.

Messaging in a busy world is tricky, because there’s a pressure to keep up with a never-ending feed of pictures, posts, news, and art in dozens of forms. The tendency is to do/say/create everything you possibly can to tell your people what you want them to hear. But just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

You are likely over-marketing if your company/page/RSS feed suffers from any or multiple of these responses:

  • Your people look forward to reading your next blog post more than going and experiencing the topic about which you’re writing.
  • Your people don’t trust you because you’ve packaged and commoditized materials in the name of teaching.
  • Your people sense a level of superiority from the company communication to the consumer, and they feel disrespected.
  • Your people are tired of listening to you.

Notice this is all about your people. If you want to market anything today, you need to measure the reception of your message. Gone are the days when you can declare something and everyone just believes it. We are all skeptics.

A husband’s words, even if justified in his own mind, are not all-loving until his wife’s face confirms it. He is not the judge of his character and comments—she is. How she feels is what matters; the reception is everything.

Tell stories, share insight, and sell something that people need. But don’t over-market to your people. They’ll grow weary.


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