My Top 5 Super Bowl Ads (and why)

Super Bowl Ads

Every year they’re the chatter after the game. Almost as important as the game itself are the 15-120 second commercials that fill the time to make the Super Bowl a non-stop 5-hour event. Although disappointing overall, a few 2013 Super Bowl XLVII ads stuck out to me, and I’ll share my top 5 with descriptions in 50 words or less:

1.  GoPro: “Dubstep Baby”

Simply the best played this year. GoPro shows off its camera in a new—hilarious—context. We see up-close shots of Baby Charlie Ray (love that he gets name credit), climaxing with a slo-mo toss into the air. Five seconds of footage and this ad is completely untouched. Great idea.

2. Duluth Trading Co: “Buck Naked”

I know it’s not new, but Duluth Trading Company comes through with the simplicity of only animation and type. It’s just a quick comparison to prove that these manly underwear offer the feeling of being ‘buck naked’. “No pinch, no stain, no sweat.” That’s just good catchy stuff.

3. Dodge Ram: “Farmer”

Like anything bold, Dodge’s ad got lots of hype and flack. Plagiarism aside, the still photos and story narration have you hooked from the beginning. Maybe this shouldn’t have been a Dodge commercial but an ode to farmers, but that still begs the question: who would have paid for it?

4. Budweiser: “Brotherhood”

It’s a classic animal-separated-from-owner story, but who can’t root for him? I mean it’s a Clydesdale! This throwback was both dryly anticipated and oddly refreshing. Simply put: I’m happy they did this, which is the whole point of advertising (emotional response leading to action).

5. Doritos: “Goat 4 Sale”

I like this because it was good story-written humor. In an ad category where comedy lacks so much depth anymore, this felt like a well set-up joke with a solid, assumed punch line. Oh yeah, and I guess goats like Doritos.


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